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Originally Posted by KAMEO550 View Post
Very impressed with the graphics, especially on such a dated console.
Have to disagree on this point, if the 360 is still capable of producing games like this, it is not a dated system. I don't think we need a new generation of systems anytime soon.

I like the campaign for its outstanding story, though I think some missions are too LONG. Everything used to have three parts, but now there's a fourth thrown in on some of them (not all, perhaps the lack of consistency is what really drives me nuts) when I think the mission should (or want it to) be over. The artificial extension of levels, such as the extra gondola stop in Shutdown, or the numerous warps on Midnight is irritating as well.

I like SWAT, Slayer and Regicide. I don't like CTF, although I only played one game on an ENORMOUS map which took years to get over to the other base. I don't like Flood much, but not a zombies fan either TBH.

I like being able to choose the game type I want before going into a match.

I like the achievements and how nothing is luck-based or random. Everything is down to your skill. Knock on wood that it stays that way.
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