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Originally Posted by niko da bos View Post
recently went back to AC and finally got all those damn flags!! lol it was pretty tedious, but the map i used was very nice. the link on this guide didnt appear to work, so i thought i would share this.

^The link has each district, the flags are numbered + each gives a picture with a caption detailing where to find them. on the bottom of the page there is a checklist, which i always find very useful while gathering collectables. i should note that i capped the flags as i unlocked the areas, i would do ->
viewpoints - citizens - investigation - flags - assassination
(i found it easier to pinpoint the flags location with less clutter on the mini map)

*each map also has small green dots (with picture + caption) detailing the location of each templar. which i didnt notice until halfway thru my playthru . it would probably be easier to knock those out as you clean up the flags.
Thanks for the link mate. Ive updated every map link in the guide with this website. Thank you to everyone who found this guide useful over the last 5 years and to everyone who will continue to find use for it.
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