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Mission 5 - Hunter and Hunted

Mastery - Hunter and Hunted: Complete all challenges

Chameleon: Wear all 4 disguises: Bouncer, Clerk, Police, and Chipmunk. The chipmunk outfit is found in an alley in Chinatown.

Evidence Collector: Collect all 6 evidence.

Evidence 1: After starting the level, you will have to go through a short underground area. Once you go up the stairs and exit outside, there will be 4 police cars with officers around. The first evidence is on the hood of one of the vehicles.

Evidence 2: When you get to the Vixen club, instead of going through the main door climb up the side and into the open window. Right there on the desk inside the room is a video tape you can pick up.

Evidence 3: This is located in the Derelict Building. Inside there is a group of police standing and talking. The evidence is actually right next to them by the boarded up hole. If you want to avoid them, continue on and you'll see broken down staircase both going up and down. Climb up on the ledge and continue on to the next room. You will see a dead body. Dump it to distract and move the police. Now you can jump down and grab it.

Evidence 4: Inside the convenience store, there is a register near the main doors leading out. There is a video tape to collect next to it.

Evidence 5: While in the loading area, there will be cops walking around and you should see an office on your left. Go inside and grab the evidence on the table.

Evidence 6: In Chinatown, there is an alley where two accidents can happen in the far up/left corner from the start point. It's next to a tattoo shop. In the very corner is a garbage bin with the evidence by it.

Infiltrator: Do not get spotted in any of the areas.

Suit Only: Do not wear a disguise in any of the areas.

Private Dance: When you climb up and go through the window at the club, make sure you grab the silenced pistol and the key card on the table nearby. Go past the stage and to an open hallway. There is a door that needs a key card, so open it and inside you will find a two way mirror. Wait for the target and a dancer. After the dancer leaves, the target will be on his cell phone talking. Shoot him in the head with your silenced pistol, then drag his body behind you to the box. Go down the hall and there is a small staircase and a door. Going through the door is trespassing, so you have to either be very careful or get a Bouncer disguise and use instinct (bouncer disguise can be obtained from bouncer in bathroom). Once through the door mentioned, look right to see a staircase leading up. Follow to the door and pick the lock.

Dominated: Once inside the club, go to the bathroom on the right. Kill the bouncer inside and use him as a disguise. Now once the target comes in after you wait, use the garrot to kill him and then hide him. Continue out and go towards the exit. You will have to go up some small steps, and through the door a right to more stairs. Make sure you use instinct if people are on to you.


Fire Sale:
Related to Cleaning up Chinatown challenge. In the convenience store, there is a sprinkler system in the back area (a valve). Turn it off. Also in the back area in another room there are fireworks that you can light. Light them and you will unlock the challenge.

Two Rights Make a Right:
Read the X Marks the Spot description. One of the targets is walking with a man in an alley and you must kill the target before he kills the man. The victim must survive the rest of the mission. You should get this while going for Cleaning up Chinatown challenge if you want to do them all in one go.

Moment of Bliss:
Related to Cleaning up Chinatown challenge.The location in Chinatown this needs to be done is left from the start point (kind of diagonal). You will see a tattoo sign. Go through the open fence to the right. You should see a green cart and a "caution" sign. Perfect. Go behind where the sign is and connect the cables. Now you have to wait until the target comes (Bill Dole). Pull the lever as he is urinating.

Fire Him:
This relates directly to the target Frank Owens. While in Chinatown, from the start point, walk straight ahead. You will see a guarded area by a police officer and a hole in the wall that you can climb through. There is a gas pump here, so go sabotage it and wait around and Frank will have an accident. This is part of the Cleaning Up Chinatown challenge.

X Marks the Spot:
Go to the left side (from start point) of China. You should see a tattoo place. Keep to the right and go through the open fence with the cart. Go up the stairs and you should see the pallet hanging above. When the target Larry clay walks by, make sure to time it so it falls on him and not the other man following (this is related to Two Rights Make a Right challenge).

Lieutenant Bad: This relates to the Cleaning Up in Chinatown challenge. When you start, keep to your left the Chinatown area, keep to your left. You will see stairs going down to what appears to be a dead end. Climb through the vent and notice a police officer down here. Do not kill him, as he is needed to kill the target Bill Dole. There is a file next to him which you must grab. Just take cover and grab it. Watch the events take place once Dole comes to talk.

Cleaning Up in Chinatown:
Complete Fire Him, X Marks the Spot, Moment of Bliss, and Lieutenant Bad challenges. These do not have to all be attempted at once because there are 4 total and only 3 targets.

Damage Control:

Swordplay - Part 1:
You get this for killing one of Wade's men with the katana. The katana is located right under the tattoo sign.

Swordplay - Part 2:
For part 2, you must kill all 3 of the targets with the katana. Kill the target at the gas pump, the target after he kills the vendor in the alley, and the

Swordplay - Part 3:
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