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I love the new multiplayer. Halo 3 was fine (I miss the skill ranking), but Reach evolved it for me. I played much more Reach than Halo 3. The armor abilities gave it a whole new dimension, and the DMR pwns the shitty Battle Rifle. And Halo 4 evolves it furthermore. I can play the weapons I want and don't have to start with this fucked up Assault Rifle and search the map 5 mins for a useful weapon. Perfect. Loadouts and stuff are nice, you can build your own playstyle, I like it. Ordnance drops? Why not? Better than half my team camping and killing each other for the next power weapon drop. And the best: JOIN IN PROGRESS. Some kid rage quits because he goes like 1-3 k/d. Big problem in Halo 3 and Reach, because it started a quitting process and I always ended up 2-3 vs 8 in BTB, getting raped like hell. And now: Someone else joins and the match continues. Best feature for me.

I only want more maps (coming soon), the pregame lobby from Reach (I loved to check stats from others) and nicer armors (80% looks the same or like shit, or even both. There are like 3 helmets I like, kinda strange). And I miss Firefight, but Spartan Ops is ok. Lets see, for how long they make new episodes.
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