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The following 15 achievements are obtained by completing cumulative miscellaneous requirements within the game.
All of your attempts of all the game's levels count towards these achievements. Unfortunately, there is no way to track your progress towards any of them. Just keep grinding until they unlock.

Pig Popper - 10
Pop 1000 pigs

Just pop (destroy) 1000 pigs. This will come while completing the rest of the achievements, so do not worry too much about this one.

Bubble popper - 10
Pop 1000 bubbles

All bubbles in the game count towards this achievement, including the ones that contain vegetables, TNT, and pigs. This will most likely need a bit of grinding. The best level to complete this on is Level 1-26. There are 9 bubbles to pop and they can all be destroyed with a single, well-placed shot. See the video below for the technique. Thanks to Gamespot for the video.

Bird Launcher - 10
Launch 5000 birds

This will most definitely come before you destroy 500k blocks, but if you wish to get this out of the way earlier, load up Level 4-30. This level has 7 birds to launch, the most in the game. Launch all the birds in rapid succession. As soon as your last bird leaves the slingshot, pause and restart the level and repeat the process until the achievement unlocks. This method will take around 2-3 hours to launch all 5000 birds.

Starman - 10
Get 250 stars

Earning stars is solely related to how much score you earn. Score is earned for destroying objects, popping pigs, and completing the level with unused birds. Most of the time, earning 3-stars just requires a few well-placed shots and a bit of luck. Use Youtube to find videos to help you easily earn 3-stars on the levels. You only need to get 250 out of the 450 in the game for the achievements. If you get stumped or can't make the perfect shot on a level, just move on. No big deal. See the video below by NextGenWalkthroughs for the the first 60 levels of the game.

Pigsicle - 10
Freeze 500 pigs

You can freeze pigs in two ways. 1) Gently popping a pig's bubble that is in space and 2) Using the ice bird's explosion. #2 is the only one that counts towards this achievement and is easy to grind. This achievement is most easily earned on Level 2-23. Fire the your first bird (ice bird) to the large tower containing 6 pigs, arching him through the gravitational fields. Just before he lands, tap the screen to explode the bird, freezing the pigs in the area. You should have no problem getting three or more pigs with a well-placed shot. As soon as you freeze the pigs with the ice bird, restart the level and repeat the process until this unlocks. This should take 15 minutes or less to grind all 500.

Gravitational Escape - 10
Make 100 birds exit atmosphere.

You just need to launch 100 birds out of a planet's atmosphere and have it fly off into space. You can either launch the bird from within the atmosphere, or just make it pass through the atmosphere before returning to space. This achievement should unlock easily while progressing through the game. However, it can also be quickly boosted on Level 1-19 in less than 10 minutes by rapidly firing all three birds to the left out of the atmosphere, restarting, and then repeating the process.

Menu Popper - 10
Pop 100 pigs in the main menu

In the Main Menu (the one that says "Angry Birds Space"), interactive bubbled pigs will fly by fairly frequently. You need to pop 100 of these to unlock the achievement by tapping them. Just keep popping for 5 or 10 minutes to unlock this achievement. You only need to pop the bubbles. You do not need to tap the frozen pigs again to shatter them.

Space Bird Fan - 10
Play Angry Birds Space for 5 hours

See "Space Bird Addict."

True Space Bird Fan - 10
Play Angry Birds Space for 15 hours

See "Space Bird Addict."

Space Bird Addict - 10
Play Angry Birds Space for 30 hours

You will without doubt get these three achievements when grinding towards destroying 500k blocks. All time in the game seems to count towards the achievement.

If you just want to earn these achievements with as little effort as possible, there does exist a simpler method. You can disable your screen timeout (Settings>Lockscreen>Screen Timeout>Never) and leave the game running unattended while in a level for long periods of time with the phone plugged in. Make sure when you are done to complete the level by passing or failing to save your time. NOTE: This trick is not possible on all devices (screen timeout will be limited to 5 minutes). For those of you that cannot disable your screen timeout, you will need to grind this the old-fashioned way. Load up a level and let it sit while you do something else, making sure to tap the screen periodically before your timeout limit is reached. Just be sure to complete or fail the level when you are done grinding for the time being in order to save your accumulated time.

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