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Originally Posted by Foxxy kyle View Post
I see the rating are not good for this game, and nobody has achieved 100% yet. Why?

I have not seen any negative posts about on here but yet on Gamefly the rating is a 5.

And are some of the achievements glitched? Or just to tough? Or what?

I want to try this game out, but I wanna know what I am getting myself into here.
The game itself is tough, not because it is inherently hard, but because things are explained incredibly badly. I had to figure everything out on my own, save for one or two things I asked around for explanations over. In the end I didn't even use the guide that's stickied here. It's not a bad guide at all, just the opposite, it's a good one, but whilst it told me how to get achievements, it didn't tell me how to play the game, which was more important, because you can't get all the achievements without knowing how to play the game first. Once I figured all that out, I was able to plot my own course to getting the achievements.

The achievements themselves aren't actually difficult, they're just incredibly time consuming. You will use at least the 50 hours required for that achievement getting all the other ones, and probably more. A few of them are a real grind as well.

As it stands, I have no doubt at all that I'll get all the achievements, it'll just take some time.

Also, whilst none of the achievements appear to be glitched, the actual method of unlocking some of them seem to be a little wonky. For example, one for sinking 1000 ships, it is reported that people have only got it after completing 1000 separate battles in which at least 1 ship was sunk, not a total of 1000 ships across all battles. There is also a possibility that you need to do that one manually and not with the auto combat, as I haven't got it yet and I'm pretty damn sure I'm way over 1000 different battles but most of them are Auto combat, I only ever do the manual combat for boarding ships.

If you get it, and this goes for anyone else too, whilst I have the game, I'll be happy to give you a tutorial over live or Skype (preferably Skype as my Live headset is crap). Save you playing for a week or 2 and not really making any headway.

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If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.
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