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Originally Posted by Jet1337 View Post
I like how short the campaign was
I prefer the term "bite sized"

I like how many glitches there are in the MP
It's so you never play the same game twice!

I like how I can't replay any old episodes in S-Ops
You can't replay any old episodes ONLINE. Basically what you're telling my is that you don't have any friends. Maybe we should take all the people that complain about no matchmaking, and introduce them to eachother, so they can replay the old episodes.

I like joining a random MP game, just to find out I'm on the losing team
But it gets you into the game FASTER

I like how there are three different versions of the same weapon
This way you don't have to buy skin packs! They're saving you money!

I like how almost every weapon is a power weapon
Que Syndrome from the Incredibles "But when all the weapons are power weapons... none of them will be." It's a statement about equality.

If you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. I really would have liked a longer (complete with better ending) campaign, and REALLY hate that there's no matchmaking for Spartan Ops. This game is still great (8/10 at least) and I like the direction this trilogy is going.

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