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The following 4 achievements must be obtained in Endless Mode.

35,000 points later ... - 5
Reach a score of at least 35,000 in Endless mode.

See "50,000 points and counting!"

50,000 points and counting! - 10
Reach a score of at least 50,000 in Endless mode.

These achievements require you to obtain a score of 50,000 in Endless Mode. This mode consists of a semi-random never-ending array of obstacles. You get points based on how far you get before failing. Reaching 35,000 is not terribly difficult, but making it to 50,000 will take some practice for sure, especially since the levels are random and cannot be memorized entirely.

A good method for this is to wait until you have all other achievements (that you actually want to get), then reinstall the game. You WILL lose all your progress, but you will get your free 3 slow motions replenished. It is significantly easier to obtain these using slow motion. If you want to use all three in a row, you just need to legitimately get to around 15,000 points, which is not that bad. Once you reach that score, use your slow motions consecutively. They will take you far beyond 50,000 score. The only tricky part to this method is making sure to activate the subsequent slow motion immediately after the previous one has expired. It is hard to tell exactly when this has occurred, as the fade back to normal speed is slow. Just keep jamming it when you think it is close, still paying attention not to mess up. If you do fail, it is still easy with two slow motions (since you wasted one on your first attempt), however you will need to get to around 25,000 points before activating them this time. You could also just reinstall the game again. Endless Mode is available after STARTING Story Mode for the first time and your slow motions will be replenished.

100 endless runs - 5
Play 100 runs in Endless mode.

See "250 endless runs."

250 endless runs - 10
Play 250 runs in Endless mode.

These achievements only require you to complete 250 total Endless Mode runs. Completing a run consists of starting and dying in the mode. If you do not unlock this by the time you get the "50,000 points and counting" achievement, just load up Endless Mode and keep falling off the first ledge and restarting repeatedly. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete all 250 this way.


The following 9 achievements are obtained by completing miscellaneous cumulative requirements. Progress towards all of these can be done in any game mode.

NOTE: Using macros would be helpful for all of these achievements.

Grim Reaper - 5
Die 100 times.

Just die 100 times, either by flying off the edge of the screen or getting caught by Chaser. In Practice Mode you can also die by letting the screen catch up to you. This game is so difficult, you will have no problem getting this with natural progression.

Shooting Spree - 5
Killed 100 times by chaser.

You need to be killed 100 times by Chaser, the guard that chases you in Story/Endless Modes. This will likely come with natural progression, but can easily be boosted just by letting him catch you over and over.

Try much harder - 5
Die 5 times in a row without flipping gravity.

Just as the description states. Either fall of the edge from a checkpoint or let Chaser catch you 5 times in a row, making sure not to flip gravity at all. This can be earned easily at the very beginning of Run Chapter (after the tutorial). Just keep letting your character run off the first ledge 5 times.

Try Harder - 5
Die 20 times between two checkpoints.

Another achievement you are actually awarded for being bad at the game. Just die 20 times in a row without making it to the next checkpoint. This can be earned easily at the very beginning of Run Chapter (after the tutorial). Just keep letting your character run of the first ledge 20 times.

Persistence is a virtue - 10
Play for an hour without any pause.

You need to play for an hour without pausing, exiting the game mode to the menu, or obviously exiting out of the game. Either complete the requirement naturally via an intense Gravity Guy session, or let your character continuously die for one hour. You can also set your PC or tablet to never go to sleep or hibernate.

Lover - 15
Play Gravity Guy for 10 hours.

You need to play the game for a cumulative total of 10 hours. I don't believe this counts any time spent in the menus. You will come very close to if not surpass the 10 hours when attempting to complete both Story Mode chapters without dying. To earn this easier with no effort, set your PC or tablet to never sleep or hibernate and load up the first checkpoint in Practice Mode. Here your character will just keep repeatedly walking off the first ledge. You will need to confirm that you do not want to use a slow motion several times, but then he will just keep running without interruption. This method where you character is continuously walking will also help you work towards the "Moon Walk" achievement as well.

Moon Walk - 15
Run the distance from the Earth to the moon.

This will come with progression towards completing both chapters of Story Mode without dying. However, it can be boosted easily with the method mentioned in the "Lover" achievement. Just keep playing the game. Even though the distance from the Earth to the moon is around 370,000 km, which seems like a lot, this achievement will come quicker than you expect.

Gravity Bender - 5
Flip gravity 1000 times.

See "Gravity Master."

Gravity Master - 10
Flip gravity 10,000 times.

These achievements just require you to flip gravity (by tapping the screen) 1000 and 10,000 times. They will most certainly unlock before you finish both chapters of Story Mode without dying, and probably way before that.

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