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Originally Posted by ruslan74 View Post
I really enjoyed the campaign tempo, the twists in the story and specially the ending.

Graphically the game has also placed itself as a benchmark on the X360 even though the console is almost 7 years old.

The MP aspect is fun with friends on whichever mode you are best at.

I think 343 have made an excellent entry into the universe Bungie placed into their hands.
Yeah nice to read an enthusiastic response for a change, 343i have for the most part done the fans and franchise proud. Halo & especially Cortana have never looked better.

4 was a good fun entry a few minor things I was a little let down by like the lack of funny lines from the grunts, the lack of noticeable scoring + announcer in spartan ops, spartan ops afk abusers and dull choice of 4v4 maps. Nothing though that couldn't be fixed or overlooked at making it my favorite game of the year.
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