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UPDATE: Finished the main game on Nightmare, clear time was 9 hours and about 40 minutes. I beat my recruit time of 9 hours and ~52 minutes. I am now going through RoE and so far it's a cakewalk. I'll tell you one thing though, those damn chaingunners in the main game will fuck your day up. lol

UPDATE 2: Done with all Nightmare. 600


I'm doing the main game right now and I'm at Enpro Plant. Constantly at 25 HP because I'm making sure to save my Soul Cube charge for a tough situation.

Just don't do what I did and use your Cube shot before the first Pinky Demon encounter when it comes through the window, you will be fucked.

I managed to get out of it by waiting at the window, going out as he came in, and blasting him in the face twice with my shotgun. Point blank. Somehow I survived and then instantly saved.

I pretty much save after every few kills, or every one kill if there's a tricky spot.

Also at the EFR part, don't do the safe way that Kelly tells you is safer. Do the direct route, less enemies it seemed and you never get attacked while riding the thing except for one Z-Sec.
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