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Portal 2 on sale for $9.99 (in USA) Dec 2 - Dec 8

I just got the K-Mart ad for next week, and "Portal 2" will be on sale for just $9.99!! This is in Southern California, so I don't know if it is ALL K-Mart stores, in all areas... or if it includes "on-line" too - or if it would also be on sale at Sears (since they are both owned by the same company).

On a side note... "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" is also selling for the same price of $9.99 at K-Mart next week (I'll post that in the forum for that game, too... so don't have a cow that I mentioned it here).

If you live in another state or see it is available on line (when the sale starts)... feel free to let everyone know!
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