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any news

lol i like alot of america am dealing with my son and his obsession although i have to admit i enjoy playing the game as well
i read your post and as you seem like honestly the most knowledgeable person posting and as far as i can tell the only one with some REAL insight into the matter any word on wave 3 yet, you still think its gonna be tomm dec 2, or dec 3, my son biggest things on his christmas list are a few of the characters rumored to be in wave three hot dog, and thumpback, i have managed to collect all the toons from the first game for him and everything thats out so far but really hope to have a few more for him for christmas since he got most of his "giants" for his birthday my luck nov 9th lol. So now im stuck trying to find these wave 3 guys if they even manage to get released before christmas.
my local toys r us here in columbus ohio just gives us the usuall about trucks coming in on wed night and stock for electronics is put out first thing thurs morning.. but i when i was in there a few days ago i noticed two carts full of skylanders (still in boxing from the packaging factory brown boxes marked skylanders) sitting up from when the shelves were almost totally empty hmmm peculiar i thought ... they wont let me look in any of them so it gives even more credibility to your story that they hold them till certain days. I wonder if these could all be wave 3 guys?
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