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Originally Posted by Deadsea 18 View Post
Fell in love with it first go around and many times after it I hate RPGS yet love Fallout Ironic yes. New Vegas wasn't as good as 3 I think. It felt like a giant DLC to Fallout 3. That and New Vegas's area was so poor Nevada is basicly a desert who wants to explore a post apocalyptic desert Not me. New Vegas should have been called New California and it set it New California that would have been better Def one of my favorite games of all time.
I agree with you on the lack of exploration in New Vegas. I found myself missing the long subway tunnels and huge buildings of FO3 that took you an hour to explore. Most of the map markers in NV were nothing but some little shack, a one room building or in some cases nothing but a wrecked car or some other landmark. There was almost no point in wandering off the roadways because there was nothing to see there.

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