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Hey all!

My parents have decided to get my brother Skylanders Giants for his birthday today. I have been researching the games for a while and decided that I needed to research the different figures because I know he will want to collect as many as he can. I created a spreadsheet with as much info as I could find.

Would anyone mind helping me update it and make sure it is accurate? (I really hope I didn't find false info...) I'm sure this will help a lot of other people too. It includes all series of figures that I could find. I still haven't gotten around to putting pictures in it, and I'm missing about a third of how to obtain them/where to find them.

There is an empty column for if you wish to add an "Owned" category and download it to make a checklist of your own. I couldn't find a single place online that had all of them, and each one that said they had complete series were missing a lot more than I expected.

I hope the link works, and I also hope that it can be edited by anyone else here. If not, I'll be checking this thread often enough and updating the speadsheet as much as possible.

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