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Originally Posted by suntzu0142 View Post
...any word on wave 3 yet, you still think its gonna be tomm dec 2, or dec 3,...
Suntzu0142...I just called TRU here in San Antonio and was told that wave 3 will not be released until 2013...I don't know how factual that is, but I also called the TRU in the Woodlands (Houston) and the store manager said that they have not received anything wave 3 and she told me that they would know at least 3 weeks prior to putting them on the floor because of where they would need to place the items. I'm assuming this "information" she was talking about is what one of the other folks in this thread calls a "manifest"...then again that could just be the shipment information.

Hope this helps and I'll let be posting as well if I find out anything more.

Caseysrodeo13...have you heard anything more?
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