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Originally Posted by RBmaster9345 View Post
2. Didact. Likely not until the very very end of all the last Episode will he make an appearance, though I would not be surprised if he influences things soon.

3. Cortana. If you read my Composer theory, it's highly likely she isnt just "gone." I believe that the artifacts we've been seeing and Halsey's contact in Ep 4 are all Cortana-related, if not her to begin with. In order for there to be more Halo games after this one they'll need Cortana to stay important to the story, even if not present.

4. Flood. Come on......we know they're out there, we know it's probably only a matter of time...... It'd also be one hell of a cliffhanger for the final chapter. I personally hope they never show but it's always a possibility.
Pretty sure the Didact will appear in some form, seeing has hes already been mentioned.

Sadly I doubt Cortana will, even though she mentioned during the campaign they could team MC up with another Cortana model it wouldn't be her. I genuinely feel the end of 4's campaign was closure for her character.

I'd like them to introduce Flood (just for something different to clear for a change). But if they've not created new areas for spartan ops you can't imagine them creating new AI and models for enemies. But it would be interesting to see how much of a nightmare trying to clear out flood infected knights. Hell I'd love for them to infect your spartan just so we could kill all the AFK'ers who don't help clearing.
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