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Nothing really to post. TRU is offering "buy 1 get 1 50% off",....We've been gettin trucks in almost every nite. Ive seen alot of different things but their all the same.

We have some type of big event coming up for skylanders giants Im not sure what it is because its still in its card board case. Some type of big sign or something. I work tonite and Im hoping we get a bunch of skylanders giants in. All the sklanders boxes we get in are marked as either skylanders spyro, which are last years or the boxes are marked skylanders giants series "2". All the skylanders giants boxes are standard brown with orange on the outside of the box usually.

Im hoping that activision doesnt make us hold out until next year. I know that on January 1st, 2013 there will be a release of the "Scorpion" battle pack released at gamestop. Im not sure if its going to be an exclusive for them or not but if they get them we get them........

Thanks for the questions, I promise I'll keep everyone informed....

Happy Skylanders Giants hunting!

My gamertag on xbox live is CASEYSRODEO13......
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