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Originally Posted by hackney gee View Post
i dont know if this achievement " Hanging on the Combat Deck"
is glitched. i know i didnt win 20 games it even shows i won 17 out of 20 and i still got the achievement. the thing that im thinking is i played 3 custom games on my own to check out and learn the map, and quit. i won cos there was no one with me and i got some xp. so basically if anyone that hasnt got this achievement could you try it out. ps i did the 3 custom maps on online mode.
I had a very similar experience. I played a few custom games when I first was messing with H4, and one of them gave me xp with a win even though I was not playing anyone. Then, I got "Hanging on the Combat Deck" at 19 / 20.
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