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Originally Posted by Talentha View Post
If that link doesn't work, try this one, I believe I got it so anyone can edit it now.

Talentha...I also was keeping track of my son's figures in an excel document. I like the layout of your spreadsheet better though...

I made some changes to your document above and shared it in my Google Docs for you.

Here are some things that I changed/added:
-Added characters that I've seen online were "suspected" of being variants
-A couple locations to get the figures
-I turned the document into a table (highlights are easier for me to look at and my eyes don't wander to another line by mistake)
-Removed the "Picture" column b/c I can just look up the item online if I need to
-Added a "Own" column (This last column highlights green if there is a "Y" in the cell and is an easy way for me to tell if my son owns the figure, though not sure if the conditional format will work in Google Docs.) - Confirmed...the conditional formats remain, but you MUST download the document to use this feature.
-Light yellow highlights are characters who have not been released yet.

Thanks for your document and I hope this helps!

Document is HERE

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