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Originally Posted by SHMEEDIDDY View Post
I think the Didact isnt really dead, all we saw was him falling off the bridge...I think hes still alive somehow in my theory. And Cortana...I don't see her gone as well. I hope Jul ' Mdama plays a awsome role after spartan ops as well, that would be awsome.

I think he's pretty much dead in the sense of, not alive, but he's not gone. All the people who got killed in new phoenix got absorbed into the Composer, at least that's what it looked like for me. As if the Composer's beam draws the mass from the people and store's it in the bucket where the Didact fell into.

To be honest, on legendary I expected the Didact to rise from the Composer merged with all the mass it absorbed already in a giantic form for a final boss fight.

..well, one can dream.
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