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Originally Posted by jgotcher View Post
Talentha...I also was keeping track of my son's figures in an excel document. I like the layout of your spreadsheet better though...

I made some changes to your document above and shared it in my Google Docs for you.

Here are some things that I changed/added:
-Added characters that I've seen online were "suspected" of being variants
-A couple locations to get the figures
-I turned the document into a table (highlights are easier for me to look at and my eyes don't wander to another line by mistake)
-Removed the "Picture" column b/c I can just look up the item online if I need to
-Added a "Own" column (This last column highlights green if there is a "Y" in the cell and is an easy way for me to tell if my son owns the figure, though not sure if the conditional format will work in Google Docs.) - Confirmed...the conditional formats remain, but you MUST download the document to use this feature.
-Light yellow highlights are characters who have not been released yet.

Thanks for your document and I hope this helps!

Document is HERE
I love the colors! Great idea! Thank you for helping me find some of the places. I was started to give up just because there's so many. I think I found a few more this morning. Gah! I was just hoping this would help other people besides me, because I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for a full list, and I saw many youtube videos and thread and such of people claiming they had the whole collection, and I could pick out at least a dozen they were missing.

I added the picture column mostly for my parent's benefit. I'm not going to have them search all over the place if they're buying figures on ebay and it's not specific which ones they are. Or that they can check to see if the listing matches what it actually is.

Many of those you have as suspected I have found pictures for, so I had assumed they were released. Although this was 3 and a half hours worth of work at 2 am this morning after a 9 hour work day.... I hadn't added ones I hadn't found figure pictures for just because I know how stuff gets changed in development and an idea could get scrapped, so I was just going on a hunch that the ones I found for correct.

I will have to update my personal one with this, I personally love using excel for things like this, so that's why mine was originally the way it was.
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