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Originally Posted by jgotcher View Post
I didn't realize the pictures were for your parents' reference...if you download the copy that I shared, you "should" just be able to insert a column into my table and copy the column from your file to add the pictures...there may be a little more involved than that, but hopefully it'll save you some time.

I love using excel as well...I use it daily at work and at home!
Currently I just have your list bookmarked for my own reference, while I have the picture one saved for theirs. Yours works just fine for my needs.

I just hope I/we can keep up with all the new figures or have more people helping to contribute to it. Because full time school and part time work keeps me busy and on my toes and I don't doubt that I'll miss something on my own.

Edit: I also feel that looking them up later would be a waste of time if I just did it all now because it might be easier for some people to see pictures to check off their lists instead of just names when littler kids might not remember what series each figure they have is from.

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