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Only the Hard, Only the Strong 30
[Ranked Match] Fight more than 100 battles.

For this achievement, you just need to simply play 100 ranked matches. Once you finish 100 battles, this achievement shall unlock.

Mint Condition 40
[Gallery] Collect all of the...collectibles.

This achievement is obtained by unlocking everything in the Gallery. Items in the gallery are unlocked in many ways. Some things that will unlock the collectibles include:
  • Arcade Mode- Beat it with every character.
  • Story Mode-Complete it 100%. Please see the "That's the End of That Chapter" achievement for more information on story mode. You will also need to answer all of the "Teach Me, Miss Litchi" questions correctly. These episodes can be found under story mode. The questions are very simple and you should have no issue answering them as long as you pay some attention to the segments.
  • Challenge Mode- Two pictures will unlock when you complete 20% of the challenges (not including DLC characters) and two more unlock at 50% of challenge mode completed (also not including DLC characters).
  • Getting several other achievements.
NOTE: After earning achievements, make sure you go back to the title screen and let the game save so all of the pictures that you unlock with that achievement save. If the pictures do not save, you will have to redo the achievement in order to re-unlock it.

I Get Around 10
Use every single character.

For this achievement, you will need to use all characters that are unlocked for this achievement. You do not have to use Mu or any of the DLC characters to get this achievement.

They Call Me MISTER Tiddles! 10
Use an Astral heat for the very first time.

The conditions to perform an Astral Heat have changed since the previous Blazblue game. The new requirements are that your character must have one unused Break Burst, the opponent's health needs to be 20% or under (they should have an orange health bar), your Heat gauge needs to be full, and it must be the round before you win the match. It is best to perform the Astral Heat in Versus mode or Network mode since there seems to be issues with them counting for the achievements in the other modes. The Astral Heat inputs for every character can be found below:
  • Ragna the Bloodedge (2141236C/ ↓↙←↙↓↘→)
  • Jin Kisaragi (charge 2, 8D/ charge↓,↑)
  • Noel Vermillion (214214C/↓↙←↓↙←)
  • Rachel Alucard (222B/↓↓↓)
  • Taokaka (charge 4, 128D/charge←,↙↓↑)
  • Iron Tager (1080D/1080)
  • Litchi Faye-Ling (place rod with D, then 63214A, D/place rod with ,→↘↓↙←, )
  • Arakune (632146D/→↘↓↙←→)
  • Bang Shishigami (jump, then 6321463214D/jump, →↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←)
  • Carl Clover (64641236D/→←→←↙↓↘→)
  • Hakumen (charge 2, 8D/charge↓,↑)
  • Lambda 11 (222D/↓↓↓)
  • Hazama (1,63214,3D/ ↙,→↘↓↙←,↘)
  • Tsubaki Yayoi (632146D/→↘↓↙←→)
  • Mu 12 (222D/↓↓↓)
  • Makoto Nanaya (2363214D/↓↘→↘↓↙←)
  • Valkenhayn R Hellsing (214214C/↓↙←↓↙←)
  • Platinum the Trinity (236236C/↓↘→↓↘→)

Real Ultimate Power 20
Used every character's Astral Heat.

You will need to use the Astral Heat ofevery character that is unlocked from the start of the game for this achievement. Please see the "They Call Me MISTER Tiddles!" achievement for the Astral inputs of every character. You do not have to perform Mu's Astral or that of any DLC characters for this achievement.

It'll Only Hurt for a Minute 10
Your first Guard Crush.

To perform a Guard Crush, the opponent needs to lose all of their Guard Primers. This is something new to Blazblue and the guard primers can be found for each character near the timer. Some characters have many Guard Primers like Iron Tager, where others only have a few like Noel Vermillion. To make an opponent lose a Guard Primer, you have to use certain moves that take away Guard Primers while they are guarding. Some moves that do this are Ragna's 2D/↓ and Jin's "Rehhyou" attack (623C/→↓↘) The easiest way to get this achievement is to just use one of these attacks on a character with a low number of Guard Primers (like Noel for example) until the Guard Crush is performed and your achievement unlocks.

If you are confused, this video may be of assistance to you:

Don't Touch the Merchandise 10
Instant Block more than 20 times in one round.

An Instant Block is when you block an attack right before it is about you. If performed correctly, your character should turn white for a second. You will need to do this 20 times in one round for this achievement.

Hold On Loosely 10
Cause more than 30 Throw Reject Misses.

A Throw Reject Miss will happen when the opponent is trying to attack you, but your attack hits them first and then you have to grab them (BC/). You will need to do this 30 times for the achievement. If you are having trouble understanding what exactly a Throw Reject Miss is or would like to see what it looks like, the following video will be very helpful (starting at 2:53):

M.C. Hammer 10
Escape more than 5 throws in one round.

When your opponent grabs you in a throw, an exclamation point shall show up. Quickly press (BC/) when this occurs and you should escape your opponent's throw. Do this 5 times in one round for your achievement.

You Broke My Heart! 10
Finish an opponent immediately after a normal Break Burst.

Break Bursts are the replacement of Barrier Bursts from Blazblue Calamity Trigger. Unlike the previous game, there is no penalty for using them (except the green burst will reduce your Guard Primers by half for the round) and you use them by hitting (ABCD/). You get one Break Burst at the start of the match and you can get a second one if you loose a round. There are two different types of Break Bursts. The one that you need to use for this achievement is called the "Gold Break Burst" and happens when you are not defending yourself at the time you use the burst. To get this achievement, get the opponent's health to be extremely low, use the Break Burst and then follow up with any move you would like.

Fatality 10
Land more than 30 Fatal Counters.

Fatal Counters happen when you use certain attacks to counter the opponent and let you perform combos that will inflict more damage than a normal counter would. You will need to do this 30 times for the achievement and it shall unlock naturally as you work towards other achievements. If this does not unlock naturally for you, use Rachel's 4C/← to counter your opponent until it unlocks.

The Better Part of Valor 10
Do not take damage for 20 seconds while in Negative State, and win the round.

To enter the Negative State, simply back away from the opponent for a short distance as they approach you. Stay in this state and do not let the opponent attack you at all for at least 20 seconds, and this achievement should automatically unlock when the match ends.

Well, It's Not! 20
Using Ragna, land "Not Over Yet" more than three times during a match.

The input for Ragna's "Not Over Yet" attack is 22C/↓↓. However, in order to perform this attack, the opponent must be down on the ground. Use 3C to get them on the ground and then follow up with the 22C/↓↓. Do this 3 times in a match for your achievement.

Ice-Ten 20
Using Jin, freeze your opponent more than 10 times during a match.

Jin has many attacks that will freeze opponents. Any attack with D/ in it should be able to freeze them like D/, 2D/↓, 4D/←, and 8D/↑ should do the trick. Simply use these moves 10 times in a match for this to unlock.

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