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Are You There God? It's Me, Noel 20
Using Noel, hit the opponent with her "Silencer" more than 10 times during a match.

The input for Noel's "Silencer" attack is 22C/↓↓. Like the "Well, It's Not!" achievement, the opponent must be on the ground for this attack to work. Get the opponent on the ground with 3C and then follow up with 22C/↓↓. Do this 10 times in a match for your achievement.

Twirling toward Freedom 20
Using Rachel, land a "6C" attack more than 30 times during a match.

Simply use Rachel's 6C/→ attack 30 times in a match. This attack does very little damage so it should be a very easy achievement.

1.21 Gigawatts! 20
Using Tager, land "Spark Bolt" more than five times during a match.

The input for Tager's "Spark Bolt" attack is 41236D/←↙↓↘→. You need to have a full Electric Gauge in order to use this attack. Since Spark Bolt uses up the entire Electric Gauge, you will need to wait for it to refill before using it again. To make it fill up faster, you can spam Tager's "Voltic Charge" move (214D/↓↙←).

Taut Taunts 20
Using Taokaka, land 5 taunts over the course of a match.

To use a taunt, press . When doing this with Taokaka, you will be able to damage the opponent. Simply do this 5 times for the achievement.

Four Sheets to the Wind 20
Using Litchi, land "Four Winds" more than 4 times during the course of a match.

The input for Litchi's "Four Winds" attack is 41236D/←↙↓↘→. You must have her rod placed on the ground first which can be done with D/. Once the rod is placed, execute the input. Do this 4 times in a match for your achievement.

BEES! 20
Using Arakune, unleash a 70-hit combo.

To get this achievement, first get a 100% Heat Gauge. Then, grab your opponent (BC/) to get them in the air and then quickly do Arakune's "f inverse" distortion (236236C/↓↘→↓↘→). Get ready to do it again right after the first one ends to continue the combo. The whole combo should be like this:
NOTE: The combo number must be red in order for it to count. If the combo number goes blue at any time, you will have to try again.

Loincloth Festival 20
Using Bang, land a total of 3 Astral Heats.

For this achievement, you need to perform an Astral Heat three times with Bang Shishigami. The input for his Astral Heat is jump, then 6321463214D/jump, →↘↓↙←→↘↓↙←
The conditions needed to use it are explained under the "The Call Me MISTER Tiddles!" achievement.

The Clap 20
Using Carl, keep an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds.

In order to pull of this combo, you will need your Heat Gauge at 100%. Once it is filled, move your opponent into a corner and hit 2C/↓, then 8D/↑, do Carl's "Laetabilis Cantata" distortion (632146C/→↘↓↙←→), perform the distortion again right after the first one, and then follow that with a Break Burst(ABCD/). The whole combo together should go like this:
2C/↓, 8D/↑, 632146C/→↘↓↙←→, 632146C/→↘↓↙←→, ABCD/
If you would like to see exactly how this is done, please refer to the video under the "Hold On Loosely" achievement. Starting at 2:00 in the video, this combo is explained.

You're Already Dead 20
Using Hakumen, dish out over 10,000 damage in one combo.

This is the same achievement from Blazblue Calamity Trigger but luckily it's much easier to do this time. First, make sure you have 4 magatama available to use. Have your opponent go into the Negative State first; getting into this state is described under the "The Better Part of Valor" achievement. Next, have your opponent do into the Danger State as well; this will happen when the opponent uses up their entire Barrier Gauge. Now, perform Hakumen's "Kokuujin: Shippu" distortion (632146C/→↘↓↙←→) but make sure you hold onto the C/ so the attack charges completely. This should do at least 10,000 damage and unlock the achievement if done correctly.

Lamb to the Slaughter 20
Using Lambda, land a 50-hit combo.

This combo required for this achievement is very similar to the one required in Blazblue Calamity Trigger. First, make sure you have 100% Heat. When that is accomplished, use Lambda's "Legacy Edge" distortion (236236D/↓↘→↓↘→) and quickly use it again after the first one finishes so you do not loose the combo. Get close to the opponent after this and spam C/. If you are having difficulty, you can try getting your opponent against the wall and use a big character as your opponent like Tager. The whole combo should go like this:
236236D/↓↘→↓↘→, 236236D/↓↘→↓↘→, spam C/
NOTE: The combo number must be red in order for it to count. If the combo number goes blue at any time, you will have to try again.

For Great Justice 20
Using Tsubaki, use the "D" version of every single special attack in a combo.

You must get you Heat Gauge up to at least 50% before attempting this combo as well as have your charge meter full (hold D/ to fill the meter). When you meet both of these, use Tsubaki's "Macto Maledictis" distortion (214214D/↓↙←↓↙←) quickly followed by "Benedictus Rex (623D/→↘↓), "Aequum Eleison" (jump 236D/jump↓↘→), "Lux Aeterna" (jump 214D/jump↓↙←), "Sanctus Aequum" (236D/↓↘→), "Sanctus Veritas" (214D/↓↙←), and "Sanctus Decus" (22D/↓↓). All together it should be like this:
214214D/↓↙←↓↙←, 623D/→↘↓, jump↓↘→, jump↓↙←, 236D/↓↘→, 214D/↓↙←, 22D/↓↓
NOTE: The combo number must be red in order for it to count. If the combo number goes blue at any time, you will have to try again.

The video below (starting at 3:15) will show you what this combo should look like.

Beachball! 20
Using Hazama, keep an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds.

For this achievement, all you need to do is input Hazama's Astral Heat. The input for this move is 1,63214,3D/ ↙,→↘↓↙←,↘
Information on the conditions needed to perform this is under the "They Call Me MISTER Tiddles!" achievement.

Murakumo, AWAKEN! 20
Select Mu.

Mu will be unlocked as a playable character after you complete the True Ending. Simply use her once she is unlocked for this achievement.

Secret Achievements

Hell Yes 40
[Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode on "Hell" difficulty setting.

For this achievement you have to beat Arcade mode on Hell difficulty. To make this quicker for you, you can set the rounds to one round per match. I recommend using your best character for this achievement.

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