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Originally Posted by Hannibal king 88 View Post
Ok did anyone else see cortana when dr halls opened hat little contaner. And how the fu k was the elite talking to the doc the whole time with no one cathcing the signal holy hel. And i like thetheory of cortana and the one of the didact not being dead .
I'm more curious at to why Jul M'dama (the elite you're talking about) was talking to Halsey. It's not like he was looking to get information out of her. More like he was trying to make her aware of what was going on with the Prometheans. I'm seriously beginning to wonder what interest he has in her.

And just to clear this up. It wasn't Cortana you saw. It was Halsey. Don't bother arguing, either. Just watch it again and you'll realize I'm right.

Where both Cortana and The Didact are concerned. I'm not buying into either theory. The Didact, maybe. Because watching the waypoint vids, you know he somehow altered himself to attempt to become immune to the flood. If anything, that'll most likely play a factor in his survival.

But Cortana...

John's entire story arc (of learning how to cope with the fact that he IS human) was galvanized by his greatest loss - her death. And if you just magically bring her back, it voids and cheapens the impact that had on both him, and players. Her death was easily the most monumental event in the series. To just magically resurect her would cheapen it. Not to mention shake any confidence I have in 343's ability to be taken seriously where storytelling is concerned. Killing her was a balsey, bold decision. And the right one to make. Anyone that says otherwise is just a fanboy that wants her back. Regardless of the harm it would do to the story.

Long story short. I don't think she's coming back. And I don't want her to.
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