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Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
Go for a 9, slap in the middle. There is only 1 hard achievement, which is the challenges.
Fair enough, I'll change that now then. Having a definite score is better looking than having a range anyways.
Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
First little thing is this:

Is it possible if you could do something about the achievement descriptions in general. It's just that the font/colour is the same as the actual guide text so it looks a bit plain. I dunno, could you bold it or change it to a different colour? Not really a problem, just personal preference EG:

Again not something you need to do, it looked plain, now onto the REAL problems:
Hm... I never thought about doing something like that; it definitely makes the achievement descriptions look nicer! I'll probably change the colour then to help make them stand out more. I would bold it, but then it would the same as the achievement titles which I personally do not want. Thanks for this suggestion; it will help make the guide look better!
Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
Firstly this:

This is an example, but LT will only activate Unlimited mode if the controls are on default settings, if the player had changed the settings previously then it wouldn't be consistent with what you say on the guide. I Control + F'd the guide for the word "default" to see if you mentioned that all combo's are done using default settings but I couldn't find anything.

Not sure if you mentioned it in the guide but just in case i'll raise this issue.
Thanks for raising this to my attention; when I did my roadmap I forgot to add that the moves assume that you are using the default controls. :/ Will fix right away!
Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
Secondly this typo in the roadmap introduction:

This game has 50 achievements (59 with DLC) and the road to get there will be tough and time-consuming. Most of the achievements should not be very difficult, but there are a few that will make this a very challenging and lengthy completion that will trouble even those who are skilled at fighting games. This is because in order to get all of the achievements, you will need to beat Score Attack mode (which seems to be even more difficult that Calamity Trigger), reach level 50 online, and finish 100 challenges in the dreaded challenge mode.
Ahh I must have missed that D: Will fix that immediately as well.

Originally Posted by Jakez123 View Post
Thirdly regarding the score achievement:

This sounds really weird, you can do it as many times as you want, there is no limit.

That's all for now, I just skimmed over it.
I thought there was a limit for some reason though I'm not quite sure why. Thank you so much for the corrections and tips; they will help improve the guide! Let me know if you notice anything else that needs a fix!
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