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Originally Posted by caseysrodeo13 View Post
Well early this morning I unpacked several boxes of giants at TRU....put up around 20 Hot Heads...nothing else to really report....Im still waiting to see what were gunna receive by the 3rd of December, that's the rumored date for the next release for wave 3. Thats what I hear any way.

No thumpback as of yet, I cant wait to pick up wave 3, hopefully it will be soon.

TRU has been like a zoo since Thanksgiving nite, we put out all the exclusive stealth elfs and have sold alot of them....we still have tons available. I was hoping our shelves would empty totally out because we do have cases upon cases in our security cage area, these cases have street dates on them but I cant get into the security room to check them out. So Im hoping that we can move more of them out and make space for the new waves that are coming out. Im excited but not too excited because Ive got to unload the 18 wheel trailers.....lots of fun but very tireism....any way happy hunting to all.

Oh yes there are variants out there, They are rare and they are not considered errors, kind of "chill' with the red lips vs the blue lips. I have both so Im just glad I noticed when putting them out of the difference between the two characters.....
Wondering if CaseyRodeo has any information on whether or not you have any updated information. I would think that it is a couple of days before the 7-10th and that maybe you would have seen something in the unloading of Trucks or any information.
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