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Your favourite character?

So, who is your favourite character so far? Feel free to give reasons as to why.

I'm liking Wulfrun so much, that I haven't had a chance to try out other characters yet. But then again, he suits my play style, as I like to play a support or healer, and Wulfrun fits the bill for both!

His Wretched Vapors is great for trapping an enemy against the environment, or pushing them towards your towers, making for an easy kill.
Wulfrun's Dark Forces is great too, as it allows Defensive Chaos to be spammed for it's duration when healing is needed, or to support players in taking down guardians by reducing ability cool down for allies.

I just played a game with Wulfrun in which I solo'd top lane on a 3 lane map (just to be different), making the push against 2 guardians with ease. Resulting in me reaching Lv.14 while next highest level player was lv.10. So it prooves that he can be quite a versitile character too!
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