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I was missing like 5 or 6 titles for the achievement so i decided to try this mode a while back...

First game put me in Jake's Chapter 2 blizzard... one of my most hated level... I could only spawn as those weird flying creature and even there, couldn't fly everywhere, once you make the descent the player has all the time to just move away if he is not super noob and once you finally grab him, i manage once, it was not even an instant kill... I think i quit eventually, it sucked ass.

Second game, graveyard with Leon... either im a zombie who can't do anything before behind destroyed... (just the time i swing he could kill me 20 times) or i was a dog and this shit is almost uncontrollable... you can't turn around when you want and such, the control was HORRIBLE.

In the end, my "partner" manage to kill one of the dude as the dog and it said we won, i got my achievements with the medals and then i was out and i promised mysef unless they force me with achievements, im never gonna play that again...

I mean, sure you can proably play as something else eventually or lev up your creature(i saw i was lev 1) but what they gave me that time at lev 1 was enought for me to hate that mode...

But of course if you can play as at least a javo and shoot them... that could make things easier...

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