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Posts: 48 new single packs. Received a new triple pack, but all the characters are available now or were available for the 2nd wave characters.....double trouble, flash wing, and stump smash....

I figure that things should start turning up pretty quickly within the next week or so. Xmas is right around the corner I believe that activision is gunna make us go nuts with the new releases....our shelves TRU are pretty okay, but we do have room for more or we will make more room if needed. Activision is finally starting to unload alot of last years first series characters. Ive already got them all and then
Ive picked up a couple a of varients for series 2 of this year Im just trying to keep things rollin and keeping things fresh. I prefer the giants over the standard size character but I do have a favorite and of course it's flashwing shes amazing on the ice, no doubt........any way when things start to poppin at work I promise I'll keep everyone posted.....Thanks......
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