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Shot myself up with a Fireproof syringe just as a Pyro dude rounded a corner and spent the next 30 seconds running about with my arms on fire, absorbing no damage but with the ability to do sod all else.

Enemies are pretty dumb. I blew my cover right at the start of a late mission, hid behind something and everyone ran right for my, around the corner and into my shotgun range. Spastics.
Non-marked enemies appearing on your mini-map was pretty dumb. Why should I get that advantage? That's what the Enhanced Perception syringe is there for.

Just finished it and didn't really dig the ending, would've preferred another QT battle to be honest. Those were pretty well done. If people were bitching about Mass Effect 3's 'pick a colour' ending surely the 'pick a trigger' conclusion here was worse.

Too much money:
There was too much money. Apart from the maps and the signature weapons there wasn't any 'large' purchases. i.e. Ammo replenishment should have cost more, less ammo dumps to refill your arsenal for free later on in the game to encourage you to use all 4 weapon slots, etc.
Too many free weapons. Hell why were they even free? Radio towers simply unlocking the option to purchase them would've been fine.
Loot Takedown, Loot More Money and Sell Items for More were the last 3 of my tattoos for what it's worth.

In the Charlie (Stoner) rescue mission when you're on the cliff and looking through the camera the entire scene is static apart from the helicopter. Literally nothing else moves, not even the water.
The credits background doesn't need to be static either. (Minus a million stars...)

The lipsync was bargin basement level at some points. It matched the words yes, but it looked like the mouth was jumping between 3 preset shapes instead of moving like a typical mouth (which to be fair, was present for most of the game. ME3 couldn't even get the mouths to match the words FFS.)

Man Ubisoft love them a long credit sequence.

Some of those abilities were utterly pointless. Zipline Gunner and Dual Death From Below I'm looking at you. Not one instance where they were a valid option.

You hurt yourself after falling a rather laughable distance sometimes, especially for an extreme sports enthusiast.
Which leads nicely to health syringes vs. natural healing. Why was there no option to choose between these? When out of battle and walking/jumping/falling/getting mauled at my leisure, why can't I just use the natural, slower heal instead of wasting a perfectly good needle which'll be better used when I get caught in a gun fight?

I got the special edition with Monkey Business missions and was reminded to TALK TO HURK whenever I wasn't in the middle of a mission. Clingy.

Towards the end with the Radio Towers there were a few that demanded jumping onto broken bits of platform around the perimeter of the tower. Well Brody got the wrong idea and vaulted over a segment and threw himself to death one day. He got better.

Checkpoints are fucking stupid in some circumstances. died halfway through Black Gold and started with 2/4 sites left instead of going back to the beginning of the mission.
When you get the Have I Told You? cheevo for getting your stuff out of the locker I was instantly rumbled by a dog and killed by a heavy. Can I re-do that bit? NO. I got my stuff out of the locker, so good enough, next mission, as far as the developers were concerned.
Ditto those Wanted: Dead missions. Stuck right into the centre and knifed the leader with the intention of a Grenade Takedown to allow me to escape. It didn't work, I got killed, but once again that was considered a SUCCESS by the developers and that mission was over, done, gone.

That Mass Grave looked awfully shallow once you're out of it.

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