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Does anyone know how to do these ones:

19. Aided a partner in need during a story intersection
71. Beat the chapter using only physical attacks- what level is best to do this?
72. Beat the chapter without the use of physical attack- again what level is best?
73. Beat the chapter without reloading- what level is best?
149. Defeated a flying B.O.W. with the snowmobile (Jake 4)- how?
160. Beat the cave area without killing any enemies (excluding Ustanak)(Jake 2)-HOW?!
154. Cleared the stage without opening the one-way doors (Chris 4)-how?
163. Personally finished off the helicopter pilot (Jake 4)- ??
145. Blew up all the fuel tanks at the crash site (Leon/Jake 4)-confused to where the fuel tanks are....

8. Deaths - D Rank- how many deaths needed?
12. Clear Time - D Rank- what's the time gotta be?

15. Enemies Routed - C Rank
16. Enemies Routed - D Rank- what level is this best to do on

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