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Originally Posted by StayonTarget View Post
The USSR was an empire, but they didn't gas millions of people based on their religion, sexual preference, or skin color. The red, black, and white swastika is the symbol for Nazis. An organization that was full of cold blooded murderers.

And interest in Nazi Germany is one thing. How Hitler came to power and all of that is an interesting subject. But the swastika is representing hate. Period. End of discussion. Sheer hate and the fact that you don't have a problem with it is just pathetic. I've had family fight in WW2. So I'm not some kid who is just trying to stand tall. I'll leave you with that. I'm not going to spend any more time talking to fools.
You are actually factually incorrect. The communists did kill based on factors such as race, and religion. In fact, religious devotees were persecuted under the Soviet union. Likewise, there were many purges based on race which you can read about here:

You are also incorrect about the origin and Hitler's intentions with the swastika.

It's not exclusively a symbol of hate. Your arguments are so rife with red herrings it makes it really hard to take you seriously. Any discussion is just undermined by your appeals to emotion by your vivid language.
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