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Originally Posted by ZingZitang View Post
This is an interesting question.

One with an Infinitely less interesting and ultimately extremely annoying answer:

Extreme Liberals and Political Correctness.

We Live in a Society and Culture(Especially in America) where doing or saying anything that any random person might find offensive is shunned and outlawed. We live in a society where people TRY to get offended by something. They go around looking for things to be offended by.

You can't have a Different opinion about something in the world today, and especially you can't voice your opinion without being considered a bigot, racist, sexist, etc. . .

Political Correctness is the problem, however only part of it. Ignorant, uneducated people who know next to nothing about history are also a part of the problem. Not saying I condone or agree with what happened under the Swastika in World War 2 of course, but I agree that it shouldn't be banned.
On topic, this is exactly the answer to the original question. The Swastika stands out as the most popular recognizable offensive image and regardless of whatever positivity it originally represented, it's been replaced by ideas of hate. So regardless of what it meant when it represented good, for the right or wrong reasons it's been forever marred. Whether or not other symbols are as bannable in this game just boils down to pecking order of what the most offensive are in the eyes of those who wield the ban hammer over at Treyach. The thing is, they would never be foolish enough to make a top ten list and release it to us so they leave it loosely termed as "offensive" so they can do whatever they please.

But let's not shit ourselves, anybody and I mean every single person who has a Swastika emblem on their profile in this game is doing it to be offesive and disrespectful.

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