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Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
That's bullshit!

Not everything to do with the Swastika is about Hitler.

They frown the use of something similar, yet they do it themselves. They only want to stir trouble but refuse to listen to your side when you do it for the right.
Yeah, I know Buddhist symbol of some sort. (I'm working on a Divinities minor amigo )

Clearly not what the OP is talking about.

Originally Posted by II Mortis II View Post
When it's educational it's a different story, It's not as if you play through a campaign as Adolf Hitler, rounding up all the innocent people and murdering them.
It teaches you what shit was really like if anything. We all read about it, see it in films etc but playing through a campaign that indulges such topics raises the situation from a completely different perspective.
Right, but the perspective here isn't what you're talking about. There isn't anything educational about a Black Ops II emblem. (Somebody prove me wrong?)

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