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Originally Posted by Hoborg View Post
There doesn't have to be an educational purpose. Just make sure if you're upset about the nazi flags, report the other political flags as well. Even the American flag represents some form of atrocity such as the treatment of the Native Americans.

You either ban all political flags or you don't ban any at all. Drawing arbitrary lines for what is offensive without a proper analysis as to why is the heart of this controversy and why it's so hypocritical.
The American Flag is associated with a country, not something that Andrew Jackson made up in his spare time. Most people don't know that the Swastika was "borrowed" for it's use in the Nazi regime. It's not hypocritical, it's just what people assume; and sometimes it's better that way. Ignorance is bliss. Being "misinformed" is a service depending on the person.

For the sake of completion, I answered- but it seems pointless to keep talking about something that is truly not worth talking about.


Great example I just thought was somewhat relevant to the subject:

I'm part Cuban, I've lived in Isla del Joven too: Whenever I see a Che Guevara shirt at the university, I don't ask why they're wearing a Communist symbol. I know they don't know what it's like to live under such pressures, I know they don't probably know half the man that Ernesto was, most importantly... I know they probably won't even be able to answer a simple gesture to the question about Communism; and if I ask- what would be the answer I get? Would I be satisfied with some half-assed comment? (Maybe the "f*ck off?")

It's just not worth it.

Opinions are meant to be respected, but also scrutinized.

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