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Hoborg, when I read your posts I'm about to puke ...

I'm german and I'm jewish. In WW2 my family was murdered by the Nazis almost completely. The whole family consisted of 17 people, most of them lived in Frankfurt and 14 of them got murdered, 12 of them in concentration camps, 2 were beaten to death on the street. Only my grandfather managed it to grab my grandmother and my auntie and move to Kenia in 1940. My father was born in Nairobi in 1946 and soon afterwards those four people moved back to Frankfurt were my grandfather was mainly responsible for reinstalling the jewish community in Frankfurt. I was born in Frankfurt in 1974.

I'm highly offended by people who use Nazi symbols as their logo or their avatar. If you choose something as logo or avatar you are practically saying that you somehow like it/agree with it/think it's cool or whatever you want to call it. You dont choose something because you want to say that you disagree with it.
I play videogames in my free time after work and I don't want to play with individuals who are basically admiring people that killed almost my whole family ...

That's all I'm gonna say in this thread ...

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