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Originally Posted by Si Alpha View Post
Is it just me, or is this impossible with randoms? I can sit there in my SOFLAM designating targets all day long, but no sod ever uses guided weaponry to take em out. Reminds me of that achievement on Brink where you have to spot a mine for a teammate to disarm. Just doesn't bloody happen.
If you have Armored Kill go play Tank Superiority on any of the maps and set up a SOFLAM near-ish to the flag and just keep using the SOFLAM on the tanks and eventually one of your teammates will kill the tank. Plus, you can go for the ten designations also.

Edit: Also, ten hours is kind of the high end for completion in my opinion.

I went to Scavenger and ran around just picking up weapons [sorry people. Took me two matches].
Extreme Hoarder unlocked

Then I went for Handyman. I ran around with the sniper first to knock out the scan bolt and the long range bolt + xbox scoped, then got the explosive bolt since I had got five grenade kills while playing Recon. Then I used Assault so I could get the underslug grenade kills + headshot distance for xbox scoped. Then I finished up the explosive bolt by getting five C4 kills. Then spent a match getting the headshot distance for carbines [this could take longer. I managed to get about 15 headshots this game]. Also got Pocket full of death during this playing TDM Nosharh Canals.
Handyman/Pocket full of death unlocked

Went after Bite your finger next. Had problems with it unlocking for me. This took me about 15 minutes to get because I kept joining different servers trying to get it to unlock.
Bite your finger unlocked

I got lucky for Home made javelin but did it twice in the same game.
Went to Op. Firestorm for this one. Got lucky because there was a transport Heli sitting on top of one of the buildings so I climbed up the building and blew it up.
Second time there was a tank on the hill by there base. Was playing as Engi so I could use AT Mines. Placed two by the tank, shot the tank and blew it up.
Home made javelin unlocked

Took me about 3 - 5 hours playing two different days.

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