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Originally Posted by Hannibal king 88 View Post
Just thinking of this. Didnt the forrunners try some tech that had them tur into data and then reconfigure back to a human form. Ya they failed but do you think some how cortana could use it to cpme back. Just sayin
The Composer was designed to turn physical form into digital but it wasn't truly successful. However, it wasn't designed to do the opposite. The Forerunners more or less wanted to be intangible so the flood could not touch them. There was no indication that it would do the opposite, if anything, bring Cortana back as a human. She was MAPPED from Halsey's CLONED brain but she is just a program. She would have no physical form to come back as aside from her digital incarnation.
She also said she used the last of her essence to maintain John from the blast. Bringing her back in any sense destroys the whole nature of her sacrifice to me. Plus, it keeps enabling that fantasy notion where anyone can be brought back.

That's just me.

On the idea that the "Memories' are hers, I don't see how that's technically possible as Thorn(sp? I don't like the SIV's so I don't take the time to care about 'em) said it was from New Phoenix. She nor John had any direct contact with New Phoenix. I would more surmise it's the Librarian or something more attatched to her or the Prometheans.

I just hope it's not Cortana.
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