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Originally Posted by Kahn13 View Post
ToeJam And Earl 2 - Panic on Funkatron

Peace Returns To Our Home - 50 [TJ&E2] Clear the game.

In this game the goal is to capture and collect all earthlings in each level by throwing jars at them and taking them to the end of level spaceship. There are 17 levels in all.

Note: Apparently some people are having trouble unlocking this without a clear reason as to why.
The reason is simple: DO NOT USE TRIXIE'S RENDEZVOUS'S! If you stumble upon a Trixie's Rendezvous, ignore it. The "powers" she gives you (unlimited coins, unlimited super jars, unlimited Funk Vacs, never run out of air underwater, any presents you find have twice the stuff inside, any food you eat will heal you twice as much, instant height on bouncy fungus, unlimited funk) are considered "cheats" and disable the achievement from unlocking. I can't say for sure if the Permanent Super Jars bonus from the Hyper Funk Zones disables the Achievement as well.
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