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Gallery Lover50 Obtain a Bronze or better on all of the Shooting Gallery Classic levels.
This one will take some time considering you have to not only beat the campaign on normal, but you will have to got through on Hard to get 35K XP. The easy way is just get to chapter 3 Grizzly Hunt and just keep killing the bear for 5000 XP over and over. Then just go through them all and get at least a bronze.

Pathfinder50 Successfully play through all possible path combinations in both Trek Shooting Galleries.
Path Combinations

Each row is one play through.
Doesn't matter if you get bronze or not at then end, as long as you complete each path you choose.


After the first shooting you come to a post and are forced to choose a direction:

Path 1: Right, Right, Straight- Finish
Path 2: Right, Straight, Straight- Finish
Path 3: Right, Left, Straight- Finish

Path 4: Left, Right, Straight- Finish
Path 5: Left, Straight, Straight- Finish
Path 6: Left, Left, Straight- Finish

TREK 2: (Same as Above)

Slaytus from PS3 site found this path information.

In order to pick a direction you have to shoot a post. Also the 2nd Straight path on Trek 1 is difficult you will have to shoot the 4 cheetahs including the two hiding in the bushes under the tree to get a shot at the trophy animal which is a lion. You will need that 15K heartshot to have a chance at getting to minimum score.

Trek 2 is possible to beat without shooting all the horns just make sure at the bird part to go absolutely ape sh*t, and gun all the flying chickens down.

This achievement is difficult and will take a few hours or more best of luck.

Combo Wizard50 Get a 50 animal combo in any Shooting Gallery level.
Only advice is to make every shot count, birds are your best friends with this one. With a little practice you should be able to get this one fairly easy.
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