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Bonus Lover50 Obtain and use every Power-Up type in any Shooting Gallery level.
This one will eventually unlock when playing through all the galleries. The power-ups include: 2x Score, Slow-mo, Hunter Sense. and Rapid Shot. Really easy can be done on one run of any shooting gallery.

Lucky Number50 Kill 7 Birds with one Shotgun shot.
Easily done on Shooting Galleries on Classic #8 towards end of level their are just flocks of them. Just time your shot or use Slow-mo to make this one easier.
A better explanation from Kevin Olofson in this video below.

Defuser50 Disarm 30 traps in Story Mode (bear traps or land mines).
Location Chapter 2 - Full Moon or Chapter 9 - Outpost. Just make sure you shoot every bear trap or mine you see. Can be seen easier with Hunter Sense.
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