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Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth View Post

How bad was the boss in RoE on Nightmare? I can imagine the RoE being easy on Nightmare but that boss gave me hard time even on marine lol.
EDIT: Just watched a video of that fight, damn I didn't know there where bodies to refill your artifact. Ok I guess it's not that hard then lol.
Thanks, and for Maledict just make saves along the way. Keep one before you enter the teleporter though.

What you want to do is wait to use the artifact charge when he's sitting down on the giant skull. This will protect you from the initial meteor shower and give you extra time to light him up with the BFG.

If I were you, I'd use uncharged single shots. I tried doing full blasts and it's hard to tell when the beep is about to run out so often I'd waste four shots because it would explode in my hands but wouldn't kill me since I was invulnerable from the artifact.

When your charge begins to run out, if facing the skull, head to the left side and to the inner part. His meteors will not hurt you here. For his other attacks, just bunny hop around.
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