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During the Black Gold mission (You and Sam on a turret blow up 4 things) I kept switching back to my Sniper Rifle after planting the bombs.
The Sniper Rifle wasn't either of the two weapons I had equipped at the time though!

I don't see why Enhanced Perception makes the enemies appear as grey shadows (a bitch to see through walls and rocks) whereas Hunter's Instinct makes animals appear yellow (Which works just fine).
If the enemies appeared yellow just like the animals it would be fine. Plus I'm not about to go and get the two confused am I?

Nature Boy is fucking pointless when all flowers appear on your mini-map anyway.

When you re-scale activated Radio Towers the switches are close and padlocked again! You can't re-open them.
Plus a continuity error you may have noticed, you always bust off the padlock with the default knife, not whatever alternative you may have equipped.

Those 'sweeping' animations in the Poker games are horrible.

Jason Brody's trousers.

Gunners on the Technical don't seem to feel bullets to the bollocks.

I couldn't get the C4 to stick to my jeep. Fuck. No Jihad Jeep for me.

It might appear like I hate this game due to the number of moans but I'm loving it mostly.
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