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Mission 9 - Shaving Lenny

Mastery - Shaving Lenny:
Complete all of challenges for this mission.

There are 4 disguises to try on. Police, Mechanic, Plumber, and Barber.

Evidence Collector:
Collect the two pieces of evidence.

Evidence 1:
There is evidence in the upstairs of one of the garages in the "streets of hope" area. When you start the mission, go to the main street and look left. Go through the alley to the right of the purple car. Use an alarm to distract the police officer after the mechanic turns around. Subdue the mechanic and drag him to disguise yourself. Head up the stairs and on one of the desks on the right side of the room, near the balcony door, is a video tape.

Evidence 2: This is located in the Barbershop area. Inside, it is on a big screen television near the kitchen.

Do not get spotted by anyone.

Suit Only: Do not wear a disguise during this mission.

Oil is Thicker Than Blood:
If you go down the main street to the right, you will see a tire swing. You can go through a window and take out a police officer there (pulling him through while in cover). Now take care of the other police. Over the railing you should see a pool of oil. One of the targets normally walks a path really close, so take him out and dump his body in the pool. You must do this with the other targets as well. The only problem, is dragging the bodies around will get you caught fast. You will likely be fighting a ton during this challenge (highly suggested to play it on medium if you really want it).

Get the Mechanic:
Across the street from where you start, you will see a purple car on the left. Head that way walk down the alley. You will see a mechanic and a police officer in that area (it's a car garage). Make one of the car alarms go off nearby after the mechanic walks away. Now sneak by the officer and take out the mechanic quickly. Drag his body up the stairs in the garage and the first door you see has a closet to hide him in. Disguise yourself as him (it's required for the challenge). Go downstairs and now you can hang out without anyone noticing. There is a lever that if you pull it, it makes the car up in the air crash down. Wait until one of the targets are below it and pull the lever. Sometimes the target won't go under it at all. You may have some luck throwing a wrench under the car but it's not always going to work. As long as they are close enough to the car, you can pull the lever to get the kill. If you miss, you can always pull the switch again to move the car back up. If you kill other people with the car and the target is around, he also might come inspect the accident, in which case you may cause another.

Kill Me, I'm the Cook:
When you first start the mission, go left on the main street and look for the first door that is open. Head inside and look for the radio in the store. Turn it on and sneak up the stairs. Turn the stove on and hide somewhere (behind the door you opened is good). When the target comes through the door, shoot the top of the stove to cause an accident.

Alternate: There is also a stove in the upstairs of the garage (can enter either garage to get to the upstairs, which connects the two).

Alternate 2: There is another stove in the barbershop area you can use.

Pump it Up:
From the start point of the mission, head to the main street and look left. There is an outside area with some cars in front of the garage. You should see a gas pump. Sabotage it and duck near the garbage bin near it. When a target is checking out the red car, shoot the ground to cause an accident.

From the start point, go down the right part of the main street. You should see a house with a yard and a tire swing. Go through that area and you'll see a generator. On the right of the generator you can sabotage the fence and make the wiring touch it. When a target is about to open it, pull the lever to electrocute him.

Gotta Go:
In the outside of the Barbershop area, you will need to take cover right away. Move to the side and you should see a drop down area. Before going down, go near where the men are standing around by taking cover and hopping over. What yo need to do is trigger the target talking about not getting the right sauce. Now get back to where you started and go down the area on the side. Once down, make sure you cover at the table.. Throw the bottle to distract the police, then quickly grab the wrench on the barrel and on the wall you can sabotage. Now quickly get around to the lever and hide there. When the target goes to that wall to urinate, pull the lever and cause an accident. This can be extremely difficult on hard to time correctly, so don't feel like you are doing anything wrong. It's also best to pull the lever before the target starts urinating.

Well Done:
In the Barbershop area, this is a two part accident that pretty much requires the barber disguise. Sneak down the side area when the missions starts. Distract the police with the bottle on the table, then get near the garbage bin. Climb up the ledge and into the window. Go to the next room and once the police officer walks away, go down the hallway and into the next. You will go down stairs and there is a sack with the disguise in it on the shelf. Now go to the kitchen area and into the little area next to it. You should spot the lighter fluid by the green hoses hanging on the wall. Now exit the door to outside and go back to the area where you climbed the ledge to get into the window. Open the door there and look for the hot sauce on your left. Now you just have to wait until someone picks it up and takes it to the target.

Shave and a Haircut:
After getting the barber disguise (in the barbershop), Lenny will sit down. If you had taken the other targets out, you will automatically pacify him. If you do not, you must drag him to the door but people will be attacking you.

Accidents Happen:
This is for completing all accidents in the mission. There are a total of 6: Get the Mechanic, Kill Me, I'm the Cook, Pump it Up, Shocking, Gotta Go, and Well Done. You do not have to do them all at once.

The Weakest Link:
Complete the mission.

Safety Distance - Part 1:
This is in the doughnut shop upstairs. When you start the mission, look to your right to spot a door into it. Get upstairs and grab the rifle by the window. Use the checkpoint so you can knock all of the challenges out by just reloading your checkpoint when you are done. Get to the garage area and get into the bathroom upstairs to disguise yourself as the plumber (if you want). Get to the balcony next and you can snipe one of the targets in his room above the convenience store.

Safety Distance - Part 2:
Where you killed the target from part 1 (above convenience store) is your next sniping area. Go upstairs there and kill the target that is on the balcony of the garage area station where you sniped from in the above challenge.

Safety Distance - Part 3:
The last part requires you to be above the doughnut shop which is where you get the sniper rifle anyways. The target will be standing on a porch.

Mission 10 - Lost and Found

No Challenges

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