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Mission 11 - Dexter Industries

Mastery - Dexter Industries: Complete all challenges.

Wear all disguises in the mission. There are Arms Dealer, Factory Guard, Truck Driver, and the Chipmunk. To gain the Chipmunk disguise, you must open the second weapon stash area with a keycard. This is in the last area (Factory Compound).

Evidence Collector:
Collect all the evidence in the mission.

Evidence 1:
After disabling the security and reach the Mill, instead of going right to the entrance, go left to find the evidence in the room near the monitors.

Evidence 2:
Inside the Mill, it is shortly after walking up stairs. To the left is a TV where the guards play a video game. The evidence is on top.

Evidence 3:
In the Descent area, you will be outside and climbing down. You will get to a window. Continue on the outside without going in and you will eventually find yourself near a door and railing with two men looking at a map. Once they leave, you can grab the evidence on the table near the door.

Alternate Route: If you ventures inside and went the different route, the room described above is the one after getting passed the locked fence.

Evidence 4:
Once you actually get to the lobby of Dexter Industries, there is a front desk. On it is some evidence.

Go through each area without being spotted.

Suit Only:
Do not wear a disguise during the mission.

Sore Loser:
Once you enter the Old Mill, you will go up some stairs. You will see two men playing a video game on a TV. Sabotage the power. When one of them come to fix it, kill him and disguise yourself. Now go back and kill the other enemy and destroy the TV.

You need to make 2 enemies fall to their deaths. While playing the Descent area, you will be moving on a ledge and to a window where an enemy is on the phone. Just grab and pull him to his death. As you continue on farther down (not venturing inside), you will get to an area where you can either throw a gas can to get a guard near a railing, or inside the cave there is one already positioned at a spot you can push him.

New Toys:
You must get 5 kills with proximity mines. An easy area to do this is in Descent. You will climb into a window and there will be mines on the tables. Grab them and throw them near the enemies (in groups if you can). You should be able to get all 5 easily. You can also wait until deeper inside of the mines. There is a group of around 6 or so enemies and a proximity mine in clear view that you can kill all of them with.

Seal the Deal:
You need to be wearing the Arms Dealer's disguise. When you get across the bridge, you will find him walking around talking on his phone on the right side of the area near the garage. Now you just need to finish the mission.

Packing Heat:
There are two areas that have weapon stashes, and you must reach each. The first one is at the start of the mission. If you go to the left, there is a small shack that has a keycard on the table. Grab it and get to the right side. After disabling the security on the right side, continue through the window and you'll see a shack with a locked door. Open it.

After crossing the bridge at the Factory Compound area, keep to your left. As you continue that direction you will find a shack which is he 2nd stash. Also, the chipmunk disguise is inside.

Complete the mission.

Under the Bridge - Part 1:
You must kill one enemy with him falling off the bridge as a result. Grab the sniper on the right before exiting the mine in the Compound area. Go behind the first guard on the bridge, and shoot him in the back of the head. The challenge completes if he falls off.

Under the Bridge - Part 2:
This is unlocked only after completing Part 1. You can reload your checkpoint afterwards. Do the same thing as in Part 1, but do it to all 3 enemies. There are likely more ways to do this, but I found this easiest.

Under the Bridge - Part 3:
You need to have unlocked Part 2 to get this challenge. Now you just have to kill all 3 guards on the bridge within about 15 seconds. It is also easy to just snipe them all. It will not count if you use Point Shooting.

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