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Untouchable 50
You won a fight without being hit in Campaign.

Try to do this early on in campaign because difficulty increases the further you advance. Stringing combos, dodging at the right moments, and making good use of your kicks and breakers are essential to earning this one.

Impressive Feet 5
You performed a Close-Combat.

Perform basic and special moves to fill your kick meter. Once done, simply lift your knee to perform a close-combat move.

Escapist 5
You performed a counter kick.

When your opponent is rushing in towards you to do an attack, lift your knee to kick them and you will counter their attack.

Dodge this 5
You dodged a Super Attack.

To dodge, lean your body to the left or right, just as your opponent initiates their super move. This will be taught to you during training challenges.

Combo 5
You chained two Super Attacks.

With any character, initiate their first super move, then immediately follow up with their second super move.

See Maximum Combo for more details.

Tag Combo 10
You chained two Super Attacks by switching characters.

With your first character, execute their first super move, followed by quickly tagging in your partner and finishing it off with their super move. This will be taught to you during training challenges.

See Maximum Combo for more details.

Super Tag Combo 15
You chained 3 Super Attacks by switching characters twice.

Similar to the Tag Combo achievement, except you must switch characters twice. To do this, start with their first super move, next, tag in your partner and do their first super move, then tag your first character back in and finish it up with their second super move.

See Maximum Combo for more info.

Maxium Combo 20
You chained 4 Super Attacks by switching characters twice.

During fights, you'll notice there are four poses at the bottom of the screen. The first one will show you how to tag your partner in, while the other three represent how to do your character's super moves. As far as super moves go, the first two will always knock your opponent into the air; they are known as launchers. Depending on the character, their third move will vary between a launcher and a projectile move. Most projectile based moves usually end the combo. See the picture below for more details.

In order to do combos, you must chain super moves together quickly. You can chain bigger combos if you initiate their moves in order from left to right, and by swapping your partners in for additional tag combos.

For this particular achievement; start with a launcher attack, then immediately tag your second partner in and do their first two super moves. (make sure your second super move ends with a launcher) Finally, tag the other partner back in and follow up with another one of their super moves.

Note: Some of the combo achievements have been reported to be glitched. Just keep trying and it may randomly unlock.

Here's a video to show you how combos should be executed.

Counter 10
You countered a Super Attack with another Super Attack.

There are certain super moves that can counter others. For example, Magneto has a move where he launches in the air to charge his Magnetic ball. While he’s in the air, you can use someone like Wolverine, who has a special move that will rush in and uppercut him while he’s still airborne. There's a training challenge that requires you to learn this.

Breaker 5
You used your Breaker to break a Combo.

At the bottom right of the corner, you'll notice a meter start to fill up whenever you attack, or get attacked. When the meter is half way filled, the announcer will say "Breaker," letting you know it’s ready. Simply jump to use your breaker, but make sure to initiate it when you're caught in your opponent's combo.

Super charged 5
You used your ULTRA Attack.

First, you must fill your ultra meter. You can do this by performing basic and super moves; the meter also fills when you're attacked. When the meter is half way filled, you'll be able to do a breaker. Make sure you don't use it or else the meter will drain all the way down. Instead, keep fighting until the meter is 100% filled. When you have it, the announcer will say "Ultra Ready." Now simply lift your knee and you will start the ultra move. The achievement will unlock shortly after.

Power duo 5
You won a battle in CO-OP.

All you have to do is win a co-op match in either campaign or arcade mode. It should pop up during the results screen.

Note: This one seems to be a bit glitchy for some; restart your Xbox and try again. Refer to the video under Symbiosis to see exactly when mines popped.

Symbiosis 5
You performed a 4x Combo in CO-OP.

The best way to execute this one is to start with a launcher, switch characters and do two of their super moves, (Second move must be a launcher) switch back to your original character and finish with another one of their super moves to make that a 4x combo. Black Widow is a good character to use because all three of her super moves end with a launcher.

Note: This one looks to be a bit glitchy for some. Restart your Xbox and try again.

It may seem a little complicated, so you can check this video out if you need more assistance.

Trialist 50
You finished every Trial.

Trials are various challenges that will put your skills to the test; some will be easy, others will be a pain. There are 20 challenges for you to complete. The first 12/20 trials are already unlocked, while the last 8 will require you to purchase them for 40 points via UPlay. (UPlay can be accessed from the Main menu.)

Note: You will earn UPlay points for earning these achievements.

10 points - Here I Am
20 points - King of the Hill
30 points - Earth United
40 points - Earn "Closure

Tips: Making sure to use dodging effectively and always time them well. String together combos and tag combos for maximum damage. Anytime you're in a jam, use that combo breaker! Often you can start off with a combo breaker in order to kick off a tag combo. Finally, and most importantly, read to the challenge description! That may break up a lot of confusion when you're trying to complete those lessons.

Speed and Power 15
You reached the FAST velocity when doing a Super Attack 5 times in a row.

You must complete 5 super moves in a row with "fast timing." When doing super attacks, you will notice a pop up that will say fast, normal, or slow. Depending on the super move they're currently doing, each character has different timing. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to execute each move very fast; it's more about how well you time their move. See the video under Adamantium for more help.

Fashion 5
You changed the costume of one of your character.

Costumes can either be unlocked via Campaign, challenges, ranking up, or bought from the marketplace. After choosing your character, simply hover over them and slide your hand to change their costume. The achievement should pop immediately afterwards.

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