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Earth United 30
You finished the first part of the Campaign.

There are two parts to campaign mode, so you will unlock this one after you complete the first half of the game; which will be 20 fights. There's a progress bar on the select screen of campaign mode, so you will know how far you are. See Closure for more info

Note: This also nets you 30 UPlay points.

Closure 100
You finished the Campaign mode.

Campaign mode is not very long at all; it consists of 41 total fights. There are five cities that contains eight battles each, with one of them having a ninth and final battle at the end.

Tips: Make sure you string special moves back to back for maximum effect. Try to dodge incoming attacks, and use your combo breaker if you're ever caught in your opponent's combo. Once you get the hang of playing, fights typically last 30 to 60 seconds.

Note: This achievement may be glitched, so before your last few fights, I highly recommend that you create an additional save on a separate memory device, like a flash drive. This is so you don’t have to complete the whole campaign over in case this doesn't unlock for you. Also nets you 40 UPlay points

Completist 150
You finished all character's challenge.

There are 20 characters with 16 lessons each. Every character should take about 10 minutes each to finish.

Character Challenge Tips: Time your moves perfectly; it's not all about how fast you string your moves together, but more relative to how well you time them. Try to aim for a "fast" move selection. (An on-screen text will pop up.) Another thing to keep in mind is if you're too far away to hit your opponent, then you may have to kick in order to move in closer to be able to attack them. In certain sections of challenges, you will be required to avoid attacks; in order to do this, you have to dodge them by leaning to the side. Make sure you dodge their attacks at the EXACT moment they strike you or else it may not count.

King of the Hill 20
You won the arcade mode once.

Simply complete arcade mode for the first time and the achievement is all yours. There are about 10 matches in total and will become a little harder the more you advance.

Student 30
You finished the Tutorial challenges.

A lot of people might get confused by this one, because there is a tutorial mode for you to play towards the main menu; but it's not technically the tutorial challenges they want you to play. To get there, select Fight modes > Challenges > Training. Now complete all 5 of the challenges and the achievement should unlock.

Army of One 50
You won a fight without changing characters in Campaign.

Self-explanatory; when playing one of your earlier matches in campaign, just make sure you win without switching your character. Very easy to do.

Adamantium 30
You obtained an adamantium grade.

Adamantium is the highest possible grade you can earn in a match. The amount of XP needed is 4,000. You earn XP by doing basic moves, super moves, and you also earn xp based on how well you defend yourself. An easy way to earn this is to start a 2 player versus match and play by yourself. When the match starts, just string combo and tag combo super moves together and by the end of the match you should have earned enough for the achievement.

Here's a video in case you needed help.

Here I Am! 5
You won your first battle in Campaign.

Start campaign and win your first match; it's that simple.

Team Power 10
You fired projectiles during the ULTRA attack in CO-OP.

For this one, you must build up your Ultra meter by using Kicks, punches, and special moves. It also builds up whenever you take hits as well. Once the meter is completely filled, simply jump to activate and your character will do the "Ultra" animation. When prompted you and your buddy have to punch at the same time during the "beat 'em up" sequence and the achievement should unlock.

Champion 20
You won a Tournament. Champion

Tournament mode consists of three to four teams. Win by eliminating other teams each match to advance to the finals. This mode is split screen multi-player only, so that means you can’t play against bots. Luckily you can start tournament mode by yourself and just destroy your opponents to earn this one with ease.

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