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Story/mission related achievements

Explosive 40
Complete the mission ''Long Way To The Top''

Story related, cannot be missed.

This achievement is unlocked after completing the final story mission of the DLC, called, 'Long Way To The Top'. There are a total of 12 missions to complete including this one to finish the main story and unlock this achievement.

To start this DLC, go to any fast travel station on any map and travel to a place called 'Badass Crater of Badassitude'. Upon spawning in this new location, a cutscene will activate and begin the DLC.

Motorhead 40
Complete all Campaign of Carnage side missions

To unlock this achievement you must complete all of the side missions within the new DLC, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. There are a total of 21 side missions to complete to earn this achievement. 8 of these missions are replays of 4 main story missions, but each getting progressively more difficult. These are; 'Bar Room Blitz', 'The Death Race', 'Twelve O'clock High' and 'Appetite For Destruction'. You can play these 4 side missions more than 3 times each, but you only need to complete tier 2 and tier 3 for the achievement to unlock. You DO NOT need to complete the 'Rematch' version of each of these missions, as they are not necessary for the achievement.

You cannot miss this achievement as you can continue to complete missions after you have completed the main story. All side missions are easily found as they will appear on any map that you are currently on, shown as a yellow exclamation mark, or in your journal, as either an orange question mark for discovered missions or a white exclamation mark for undiscovered missions. All missions that are listed in your journal, whether known or unknown, are under a title which is the location of where the mission can be found.

Miscellaneous achievement

Obsessed 45
Collected 10 pictures of Moxxi in Campaign of Carnage

Whilst in any of the new locations introduced in this DLC, there is a small chance that any enemy with the words 'Bad-ass' before its name will drop a framed pictures of Moxxi, upon dying.

The picture has a purple glow when it has dropped, and is a rather large, rectangular, somewhat unmissable object, amongst all the weapons and cash dropped from dead enemies, so you won't miss them when they drop.

The most efficient way of finding these without wasting too much time is to travel to 'Pyro Pete's Bar', which can be accessed by travelling through 'The Beatdown' area. A lot of 'Bad-Ass' enemies spawn here if you activate the mission, 'Bar Room Blitz' within this area and you can activate the mission as many times as you want. Just start the mission, kill everyone inside the bar, including the large amount of 'Bad-Asses' that spawn here, hoping that 1 or more will drop a picture, if so pick it/them up, then save and quit. Then hit continue when you get to the main menu, and you will already be inside Pyro Pete's Bar when you spawn. You can then activate the mission again and continue the cycle until you have found 10 pictures to unlock the achievement.

*Note; This achievement is reportedly glitchy and may not unlock for some people after having found 10 pictures. Do not worry though, as it will unlock, you may just need to find more pictures. It may take somewhere in between 10 and 20 pictures to unlock the achievement, but it will unlock.
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