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Season Two speculation (huge season one spoilers, obviously)

So we know that season two is coming. What we don't know is what that means. Who is season two going to focus on? Who are we going to play as? What will become of Clem, Christa, and Omid? Did Kenny live? Who were those two figures in the post credits cutscene?

So many questions and no answers to give.

So here's where we can speculate about what's going to happen in season two of The Walking Dead. I've seen several different theories such as:
  • In season two we will play as Clementine.
  • We'll play as a new character who will meet Clementine.
  • The two figures at the end were Christa and Omid.
  • The two figures at the end were entirely new characters.
  • One of the two figures at the end will be the protagonist for season two.
And some things to keep in mind:
  • The game makes a point to tell you "Clementine will remember that." in your final moments with her. Would they do this if she wasn't going to be involved with season two?
  • Telltale has said to not erase your saves for season one as it will have an impact on season two.
With those things in mind I'm am positive Clementine will be involved with season two in some capacity. I'm also thinking the two figures at the end were Christa and Omid since it looked like the countryside and the two of them wanted to get there. One of the figures also looks significantly shorter than the other and Omid's short stature was a running joke ever since you meet up with him. And I may be wrong but it looked like, to me anyway, the shorter figure stumbled a bit. Omid's leg is still pretty banged up.

So what are you guys expecting from season two? Feel free to share any theory you have.

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